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Let us take you on a safari journey to discover Africa. Check out our selection of popular safari itineraries or speak with one of our safari consultants to have an itinerary tailor made just for you!


Popular Safari Destinations

Whatever your travel style or interest, we have got you covered. Check out our safari destinations.


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Our Most Popular Safari Itineraries

Tsavo West Safari

6 days Tsavo Taita Amboseli Park safari

$600 / Per person

Safari Overview To bring the best safari experience, Tsavo-Taita- Amboseli budget safari offers an experience to reckon. This is a self-tailored safari that takes through the vast southern part of Kenyan land rich in flora and fauna life. Enjoy as we take you through to the beautiful sceneries in Kenya 6 Days Age 1+ Tsavo, […]

Tsavo West Safari

3 Days Tsavo West Safari

$650 / Per Person Sharing

Overview Strategically placed near the chyullu hills, The shetani lava flows welcomes you to one of the homes to Kenya’s famous big five. Blessed with different species of deer from impala to the Water bucks, presence of wildebeest, giraffe and zebras provide a place for the Lions, cheetahs, leopards wild dogs and other predators to […]

Amboseli National Park Elephant

3 Days Amboseli National Park Safari

$800 / Per person

Overview Overlooking the plains of Amboseli is the View of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. On theplains, herds of elephants and buffalo can be seen grazing, Leopards can be seen taking some rest on thetrees after a kill, Cheaters can be seen chasing an impala whereas the lions can be heard roaringas a symbol of […]

Samburu National Reserve Safari

3 Days Samburu National Reserve Safari

$800 / Per person

Overview Being a gem to Kenya Safari and a home to the adaptive large animals to the climatic grassland foundin that place such as the gerenuk, Grew’ zebras ox and reticulated giraffe, Samburu nationalreserve is fed by the peaceful ewaso nyiro river that brings life to the grasslands.Being accessible through the bufallo springs gates and […]

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